Infusion Peel

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Infusion Peel

Infusion Peel
Infusion Peel
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Infusion Peel

Combination of rapid resurfacing and protein infusion. I recomend this to anyone who is new or seasoned. This product  can be used as  your  first peel or to be used to expedite or maintain your existing skin results.

Apply at night on clean skin for 1 application (2-3 peasizes). Avoid areas of irritation (shave, waxed, plucked or rosacea skin since irritation is part of the process (it is a peel). Avoid eye lids, nostirls and hair line. You should wait for 2-3 days to see if you notice a light slough or the oncoming of one. This means that the amount and application you used was sufficient. Allow the skin to slough (you may use a warm compress but you will be will subside). After all symptoms of peeling are gone.. enjoy your skin and reapply another treatment within the week or following week.

Seasoned users do increase their application when their tollerance has increased. The way you know your tollerance has increase is when your normal application will NOT yeild a peel. That means you either have to apply more Infusion peel OR add another treatment to the regime. Always wait for 2-4 days (longer in the summer time since oily skin repells exfoliation) for your skin to peel. Toning or compressing absorbs oil and usually expedites even the most stubborn skin

Seasoned users may use this product more often but make no mistake: Infusion peel has 3 times as much active ingredient as prescription Retinoics and can be irritating if used too quickly, too often, after a facial treatment or  in conjunction with  the use of other retinoid products (renova,retinA) Stop using all rx products at least for 2 weeks.

You may spot treat with infusion peel on new breakouts or on scars that are fully healed. Just use good judgement. If your skin feels a bit 'FIREY'.. you need to stop and allow the treatment to do what it is made to do... turn over new skin cells. Repeating the treatment again and again or what I call "piggy backing" can result in unwanted breakouts, oily skin and red sore skin.  Just go slow. Your skin will be very visably vocal with this product. When in doubt.. do nothing. Just wait.  If you get into a pinch and you know you have over used the product (or any peel) simply.purchase over the counter neosporin ointment and apply nightly. This is a miracle ointment to anyone whose over used a chemical peel. Wait a week or two after your final slough before applying  any more Infusion Peel.

Infusion peel acts as an expeditor when you apply it on day 2 or 3 of a single peel treatment. Apply it 1 time over the pre treated area  to yeild a quicker exfoliation (recommended for seasoned users only)

Make sure to log into chatterbox and share you history and experience with other users or pick up tips on application!

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