Green Peel Facial Resurfacing Mask

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Green Peel Facial Resurfacing Mask

Green Peel Facial Resurfacing Mask
Green Peel Facial Resurfacing Mask
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Green Peel Facial Resurfacing Mask

Perfect Complexion Green A Peel  Sundamaged skin or skin that refuses to peel.

                                     GREEN  PEEL DEEP PEEL TREATMENT  


This product is formulated for my seasoned clients only. If you are a first time user or novice please consider purchasing TCA LATTE to acheive fast, predictable and amazing results.


 Perfect Complexion Green A Peel is devised to work as a deep botanical peel to acheive the maximum amount of skin exfoliation with very little discomfort.  The only discomfort you will have will be that of a light sunburn or windburn.

Perfect Complexion Green A Peel  is a mask. I send a mini fan brush (very small but highly effective) for you to apply very thin layers. Optimum first application will be light. You will work up to 4 to 5 layers depending on how your first treatment goes. I suggest 1 layer your first time and 2 layers your second time and so on. It may take 5 layers until you slough, however it is highly recommended that you follow my suggestion. This bottle is 1/2 oz and can provide up to 50 full face applications





     Perfect Complexion Green A Peel Deep Peel for hard resilliant skin.

  •  For Facial Use Only.
  • This product is devised as a above the jaw bone peel.                                         
  • After the treatment (usually within 1 hour or the next day) the skin is red and a burning sensation similar to a mild sunburn can be experienced. You can stabilize it by tapping concealer into the skin. Not foundation, concealer. Its also easier to see when the skin starts to lift as the concealer will not stick to lifting skin.





How Soon After The Treatment Do You Peel? On the third and fourth day the old skin comes off. Until then you can work normally and should not need to take time off. If you follow my 1 layer method and work up to 5 layers you will be able to pull this off like a pro!

 When Is My Follow-up Treatment? On the second day  a follow-up treatment takes place.No matter if you did 1 layer or 5 layers yesterday,  I suggest a light reapplication of PCGP onto the 5 major skin sections 1. Forhead 2. Cheek/nasal fold center 3. upper lips 4 Chin and lower mouth corners 5. Nose slope and tip. Let the GREEN MASK dry for 2 minutes and then wipe it off with a damp cloth. If on the second day your skin is visably pink and sensitive, you may forgo this application.

Do not be alarmed for this subsides quickly as well!

On the third day the skin will be very visably peeling. Itching may occur and flushing. All very normal signs and symptoms. Do not cleanse or wash your skin. You will use warm water or makeup remover if needed. While you are wiping your skin with a warm cloth you can carefully slide the dead skin off. Try not to press and slide. Your skin may peel a few times and its best not to press and pull to avoid discomfort. Neosporin or any ointment that is triple antibiotic can be used if you feel like you are sunburned and need some comfort. TRUST me when I say this symptom passes very quickly. After you bathe your skin in warm water you will be bright red! Basicaly your remaining old skin will be massaged away on the new skin, which is now very absorbent.

How Will My New Skin Look?There is no redness in the resurfaced skin, the complexion is considerably improved, fresh, clear, and radiant.

 For Facial Use Only. This product is devised as a above the jaw bone peel. Do not attempt to use this product on the body as it is formulated with your skins pending PH factor for maximum results.


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